Wardrobe Wellness.

Are you getting value out of your wardrobe?

It looks like a jumble sale and not  like your most intimate environment. It is bursting at the seams, gathering toxic relics of the past and ill-fitting, non-functional clothes and accessories.

How do your clothes function for you?  

During this auditing process, we can edit it into what are keepers, op-shoppers, for sale, or discard or gift-away, according to fit, colour, life-style,condition, surplus numbers, purpose and style and “what was I thinking?” 

Maximise Your Style and Create Amazing Outfits.

Now you’re super organised and have completed your de-cluttering and re-organising, we will assess the clothes you already have to:

  • mix-n-match with “fresh eyes”.
  • identify orphans and need a partner to fill the gaps.  
  • discover hidden treasures you already have.  
  • re-style and re-fashion garments to create outfits with all the colours and styles flatter you and invite you to wear them.
  • discover how to introduce new colour and styles to create new energy.
  • learn the strategies for creating a wardrobe of clothes you will love.
  • create a “Wish List” for when you go shopping with a Gap Analysis and plan.

Having your wardrobe whispered annually or bi-annually will take all the guess work out of what to wear and will keep you on track for the future development of your individual style signature.

Home Visit anywhere on the Sunshine Coast or virtually by Zoom.  

Your Investment between $247 and $397 

Includes a “Style for your Personality and Essence” so I can get to know you before your Wardrobe Makeover. Bonus Photographic Log of all your Clothing Capsules and New Outfit Combinations.

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