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Also Available as a Virtual Individual Consultation by Skype or Zoom 

Many people are under the illusion that once they have seen an image consultant or a personal stylist, that’s all there is to know.

They have been given their ‘rules’ for their body shape and proportions but there is still something missing. Maybe its’ the feel of the fabric, feels too restrictive, not figure fitting enough or just too dressed up or too dressed down.  Your clothes are talking to you, but what are they saying?  Why do you like wearing what you do?  

But what if you could wear whatever you wanted, putting fashion trends and what your rule book say aside for a minute, so that when we put the garment on you intuitively know it ‘belongs’ and still feel and look amazing

If you are still reaching your goal weight, Styling Your Personality is your PERSONAL STYLE. 

It is IDEAL to help you through this process, as no matter where you are in the process, styling your essence applies no matter your shape or size, height, ethnicity or age.  

When you identify your “soul” or core identity and know why you love some fabrics, accessories and clothes more than others, you will be well on your way to having an authentic and congruent wardrobe you will love.

In this class you will find your answers and translate them into clothing choices, to empower you to seek out colours, patterns, shapes and textures that resonate with your personal energy right now.  

You will never have to worry about keeping up with fashion, as fashion comes and goes, but personal style lasts forever. 

Group $75.00 per person.  

This service is complimentary in the Wardrobe Wellness Consultation.

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