Do you suffer from joint pain or arthritis, fatigue, depression, sleeping problems, eye problems, slow accident or illness recovery, or any degenerative illness? 

Or do you just want to maintain optimum health and not age in the typical way? 

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You’re never too old to enjoy your life in good health and no pain.  No matter how we detox our body and how cleanly we eat, the body cannot compensate for that decline in the stem cells with natural ageing and unexpected trauma, even if you are really healthy. 


There has been a lot of recent publicity about Stem Cells, and now there is a great natural product that people can take to assist their own adult stem cell migration without spending $thousands$. 

There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain to find out how and why our own bodies, given the resources, can heal themselves.  Go here to read more 

Now, here is some great news for you.

Get curious how to make an informed decision for your optimal health in your Fabulous Second 50 and turn back the clock.


Before you consider spending a fortune on stem cell transplants which is not 100% guaranteed, now there is a natural, scientifically proven product at a fraction of the cost that activates your own stem cells from your bone marrow. 

Your body’s intelligence then directs those cells to EVERY part of the body and every organ that needs regeneration even if you don’t feel discomfort pain which normally indicates a problem, and not just the areas that are obviously in distress and in need of repair. 

With this product, not only is it safe, affordable, easy to take and effective, but it is now here in Australia.


Stem cells are the ONLY cells in our body capable of repair and renewal.  We need them everyday, for our daily repair and renewal. The more stem cells you have in your blood stream the healthier you are.  Cells are constantly breaking down and being replaced where possible, but the older we get less and less stem cells are then able to be released.


This is the system for all animals on planet Earth. Our bodies do this naturally, but as we age this healing process slows down quite dramatically. 

The rate of decline of stem cells in our blood stream as we age is a  5% reduction each year after the age of 35 and it really adds up, so the older we get the release of stem cells is dramatically reduced, no matter how healthy our bodies are. 

By the time we are 65 around only 5% – 10% of the stem cells are being released from the bone marrow, even if we are healthy.

Every time you consume 2 capsules of stem cell nutrition, within an hour up to 34% more stem cells will be released into the bloodstream. This has been proven.

There is potentially an extra 4 to 9 million adult stem cells in circulation, continually migrating to where they are being called.  Stem Cell Nutrition activates your own stem cells continuously to regenerate and repair all the organs, joints and systems of the body.   If you are injured, or putting your body under stress by extreme workouts or suffering from illnesses, inflammation or disease, the stem cells migration is compromised.

Go here to find out more about why and how it all works.

There is absolutely nothing to lose by receiving information, and everything to gain to make an informed decision for your optimal health in your Fabulous Second 50 and turn back the clock. 

Free E-book Download_Defy the Ageing Process  (No Opt-in necessary.) 

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