Shopping Savvy 101 

Are you in a style rut? 

Are you so frustrated with shopping and don’t shop at all, just wearing what you have, always feeling out of touch with the world?

Maybe you feel designers have forgotten all about you.  Or do fads, fashion trends, friends and store assistants totally confuse you as well?

Before you rush out and panic buy at the sales, or shop on-line and risk expensive shopping mistakes for incorrect sizing, fabric quality, colour and fit, a well-timed shopping lesson will save you $$$$. 

Learn how to shop as a First-up Service to get your eye in with a practical hands-on style coach  who will cut to the chase and give you a practical shopping lesson even before you invest in any further makeovers. See with your own eyes what’s possible in an instant. 

Whether you are just wanting a practical shopping tutorial or how to choose fabrics and accessories or just want a quick fix for a special occasion,  be discerning and get bang for your buck avoiding the pitfalls, Learn how pull outfits together with amazing mix and match options, and make the most of your investment learning time-and-money-saving skills as we go.

This session is great value 1.5 hours learning HOW to shop and Eliminate those Guilty Tags forever.  

Anything you fall in-love with will be put aside for purchase and collection at the end of the shopping lesson. 

Check out the Makeover Packages and save $$$

Customise your own wardrobe and make it uniquely yours.  


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