My Healthy Ageing

Statistically, I should not be this healthy. 

When I was introduced by my naturopath, Linda Hoggard to the concept of stem cell nutrition (SCN) over a decade ago it immediately caught my attention. I have seen a lot of products and services that have come and gone over the years, but this was different.

It immediately made sense to me and it was an easy decision. Since that time, I have used SCN on a daily basis and this is why.

I have no spleen due to a near fatal horse accident in 1987. As a subsequence I am (theoretically) prone to fatigue, infections, pneumonia, a challenged immune system and some nasty thing called meningococci, although in recent years I now have a vaccine available to me for that.

The body is an amazing thing, if we just give it a chance and support it. We can reverse or at least slow down the ageing process and take our lives back. Other organs and my bone marrow have all pitched in to take up the slack, but they have needed support especially as I age and defying age isn’t an issue for me now, psychologically and physically.

As I progress in higher numbers of age, I am more and more aware of how vulnerable ageing can make you. I’m mindful I have to keep everything else operating efficiently, especially now I’m in my 60’s maintaining optimum health and not ageing in the typical way is for many people constantly challenging.

I am grateful and blessed I am on no medications of any kind. I move freely, have no arthritis, joint aches and pains, and I can’t remember when I last had even a cold. SCN is a complete body nutrition system and my recovery from any injuries or strenuous activity is as if I was 30 years younger.

I have had a diagnosis of Hashimotos (thyroid auto-immune disease) but is not presenting as a problem in any way.  I’ve never taken any medication for it, and never will. 

In the past I’ve had fatty liver (inflammation) and cholesterol reading was getting dangerous.  My recent blood results were better than this time last year: my bad cholesterol has decreased to a very safe level, and my good cholesterol has increased.

My inflammatory markers are way down, my hormones are happy, blood pressure is normal, and I have no joint inflammation or pain, B12 readings were well above expected and iron was normal.

I eat quite healthily and I do avoid wheat wherever possible, but I’m not strict about my diet, and I do occasionally binge on chocolate and occasionally a couple of glasses of wine. 

I enjoy life.

I have never had any medication other than occasional antibiotics many years ago.  I feel better and recover faster now from tiredness than I did 10 years ago.  I feel as if I am defying the premature ageing I was heading for before I discovered this amazing range of natural super foods developed by this biotech company.  You can read all the scientific studies here.

But don’t take my word for it. That’s just my story.   

Your health is your wealth.

Why don’t you check it out and create your own healthy ageing story?


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