OOZE with confidence and Panache even if you are still on your way to achieving your body shaping or weight loss goal.

Explore the many Image Makeover Classes for a quick fix.  Makeover Consultations and Classes are face-to-face, interactive and personalised. Go home with a new look and new image tools look younger and slimmer.   

Save $$$ for group classes when you share with a friend at your dining table or at mine.

Fast-track your transformation with one of our Midlife Makeover Packages or Gift Certificate for a deeper immersion.


Would you love to look younger and slimmer, save time, money and the stress of making the right choices?

We’re all different and have different proportions, shapes and sizes.  Learn Style Savvy, how choose fabrics most suitable for your body shape and easily navigate fashion trends at a glance and without being a slave to label which may not really work for you. (Available as a virtual or face to face consultation)

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The cheapest face lift in town.  People are drawn to other people who look happy, healthy, vibrant and who project a confident, positive image.  Colour affects mood, apparent body shape, perceived age, makes you feel more alive and younger and enhances your outlook on life and the overall impression you make on others.  Instead of looking tired and lacking in energy,  Read more 


Look 10 Years younger without Plastic Surgery.

The Finishing Touches.

An Ageless Beauty lesson will create confidence to choose the most flattering colours and application techniques and steps to getting that “natural look” with skin that glows, looks younger and fresher, even if you don’t know how to apply makeup or are not interested in wearing makeup.  You will love the results from this “hands-on” beauty makeover lesson.

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SKIN ANALYSIS -Turn back time.

Transform your skin with age defying technology – the best of nature and the best of science.

Address the 9 problems areas of skin health: hydration, sebum, pore size, pigmentation, elasticity, acne, radiance and sensitivity, regardless of age, ethnicity and lifestyle.

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Do you feel you’ve been given your ‘rules’ for the body shape but there’s still something missing?

Defining your soul “style” at a deeper level , or the Essence of you, will bring clarity to how you dress so you dress your authentic personality. (Available as a virtual or face to face consultation.)

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In a style rut? Too many clothes and nothing to wear?

De-cluttering is the new shopping. Is your second skin reflecting your true self?  Maximise your style and create amazing outfits.

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Are you so frustrated with shopping, or maybe don’t shop at all, just wearing what you have, always feeling out of touch with the world?

A well-timed shopping lesson with save you a truckload of money and hours and hours of anxiety and frustration.

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Are you at a cross-roads in the career, your relationship or some other avenue of your life, or feeling stuck?  Talking it over with  someone who has walked in your shoes may help you resolve the issue on your terms or show you a different way of thinking.

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