Men’s Image Services

Are you sick or wasting money on clothes you don’t like or wear?
Are you bored with your look?
Do you want to look younger or slimmer?
Are you moving on from a relationship?
Are you seeking Career Advancement?
Do you want to join the Dating Game?

If you answered YES to any of the above you may want to consider strengthening your image.

Your personal presence is a valuable tool in influencing people to say “Yes” to you.

Simplify your life and promote you most visual asset – YOU


Yes, we know. Most men dislike shopping. When Trish takes you shopping, she will show you the best way to shop for your body shape, colouring and intention.

You will learn quick tips about the best colours to choose for your shirts, jewellery and accessories, how to mix and match tops with bottoms and put it all together. I will teach you to shop, how to get correct fit, and how to coordinate your wardrobe pieces to “get the look” you are after.

A Smart Shopping excursion is a 90 minute fast-paced pre-planned outing in a shopping plaza or mall. For best results it is recommended we have assessed your wardrobe for the gaps, made a budget and a wish-list.

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Take all the guess work out of colour coordination, Shopping will be easier and you will feel more confident of your purchases. When buying suits, shirts and accessories, you will know how to combine your perfect metal, colour of frames and precious and semi-precious stones.

Your head, neck and shoulders are the first thing that people notice about you – the colours you wear, your personal grooming, hair styles, eye and head wear. Correct colours will attract opportunity into your life, reflect your personality, attitudes, trustworthiness, health and even wealth. The wrong colours can make you appear tired, sick, and add years to your age.

Discover which styles are harmonious with your body type and shape, and how to dress for any occasion, look healthier, feel better and be more influential.

You will receive advice on grooming, garment selection for business wear, casual dressing or business casual. Learn how to accessorise to compliment your personality style for any occasion and the tricks of the trade for wardrobe organisation to coordinate your clothes for any occasion.

You will save time and money and shopping will be a cinch. You’ll feel more confident about your purchases, mix and match coordination will be simplified and your new portfolio will save you thousands of dollars for the rest of your life.

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If you are feeling like your clothes are out of date, you want to lose the nice guy image and get an edgier look, or just get organised from floor to ceiling to ensure that every thing is where you can find it at a glance, it may be time to have a wardrobe workout. We will assess what you have, workout what isn’t working for you anymore, and create a wardrobe plan using what you have left with some additional items. Together we can work with your budget to meet all your professional and social needs and enhance your image.

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For those who require more in-depth image coaching for career advancement or starting a new business, why not combine two or more services for a more rounded transformation.  Let’s talk and find out how I can make that happen for you. 

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Which way do you turn?  You may just need to explore other options and a fresh approach.  

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