FINDING LOVE BEYOND 50Find Love Beyond 50

New to dating again after a long relationship?

Or have you felt the sting of disappointment and you are reluctant to try again.?

Struggling with on-line dating? It is now a fact that over 50% of relationships are found on-line. 

Many men and women struggle with finding love again especially after a long-term relationship has ended.  So if you are feeling confused, lacking confidence, you’re not alone.

There are more people beyond 50 hoping to find love simply because there is an increasing number of people growing older and living longer. 

The fact is we all need companionship, love and affection.  It’s a basic human need to share all the great things you have created in your life with someone special.

It’s natural, and it’s proven, so let’s do it. 


  • Style Intelligence – Refine Your Image, create confidence and charisma to reflect your personality, flatters your figure and is functional for your lifestyle and life goals.
  • Emotional Intelligence – how you express yourself and be aware of your emotions, and how to manage them.  
  • Social Intelligence – how you interact with the world and manage your relationships with confidence and class.

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