Find Love Beyond 50 Finding love beyond 50 can be both exciting and daunting, especially if you have been single for a while. 

So if you are feeling confused, lacking confidence, you’re not alone.

The fact is we all need companionship, love and affection.  It’s a basic human need to share all the great things you have created in your life with someone special.

It’s natural, and it’s proven, and I’d be honoured if you allow me to help you. Let’s do it.

Review or Create Your On-line Profile 

Are you struggling with on-line dating? Or have you felt the sting of disappointment and you are reluctant to try again? 

Learn how you express yourself with your on-line profile or social dating profile so you stand out with authenticity. Show case your personality and your character, how to choose photos and the information that is not too much. not to little, just right. Let me show you how.

Personal Styling and Updating Your Look

Refine Your Image, create confidence and authentic personal style to reflect your personality, flatter your figure and reflect your essence.

Discover your best Knock-Out colours and Superior styles for your body shape and personality.  Discover how to shop in your own wardrobe using what you already have, defining the gaps and creating outfits. 

Complete your look with an up-dated hair do and finishing touches with a head and shoulders makeover.

Personal Coaching

In this session we will address any concerns you have about dating, life, past relationships, what’s going wrong, what’s going right.  Be aware of your emotions, and how to manage them and how to present yourself for on-line dating as well as face to face, attracting the man or woman you would like to meet, address any confidence issues and get the results you want. 

Learn the skills to become socially at ease and how you naturally interact with the world and manage your relationships with confidence and class. 

A Useful Article to help guide you along the path to happiness.

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