What do you need to do to have a fresh start after a having a midlife crisis?

Perhaps you’ve felt the disappointment of redundancy, or the sting of divorce or betrayal, grief of bereavement,  and you are reluctant to try again, but you still want to be happy.

Yes, I’ve been there too. Even with all my accreditations and life experiences I was in limbo and needing some unbiased insights and information.

Are you needing a fresh start but you’re at a cross roads as you’re not sure what your next step is because you’ve not been down this road before?

Unless your mentor or counsellor has walked in your shoes, they really don’t get it, no matter how well educated they are. And there’s too much misleading advice on the internet and not always appropriate or accurate. 

Look at life from a different perspectiveLet’s have a conversation how to start your fresh start.

You may just need to explore other options and a fresh approach with someone who has inside knowledge of all these situations.

If I am unable to help you, I will refer you in the right direction.

Are we a good fit?

You are offered a complimentary ‘getting acquainted’ session to ask anything about my services or how we may work together. 

In this session I will:

Give you an overview of the coaching or consulting process;  Clarify your needs and highlight your desired outcomes and goals; Identify benefits of the change and answer any questions you may have.

Where to from here for your fresh start?

Please complete the contact form below Request a Questionnaire and your first session fee will be waived. In order to save you time and we can offer you a solution with minimum backwards and forwards, it would be very helpful if you provide your best contact number, suburb and most desired outcomes or current requirement.

Sessions by Skype, phone or Zoom, or Face to Face if you prefer. 

Or just text/phone 0448 614648 if in Oz or complete the form below if you prefer. I’m here to help.

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