Love After 50

New to dating again after a divorce? Struggling with on-line dating? Learn new style skills, social and emotional intelligence to find your happiness.

Romance after 50, or just looking for friends?

Feeling isolated and alone?

Romance after 50One thing about 2020, everyone is feeling the same thing.  Some are looking for romance after 50. Others are barely coping with isolation and loneliness, even without Covid 19.

It’s so important to our mental health to build friendship and companionship at any age. 2020 has raised the awareness of the necessity of companionship and healthy friendships for those who are feeling isolated and alone.

You Are Not Alone

During 2020, or at least some part of it depending on your location, all the normal activity had to stop.  It was a very tough time.  In Australia it seems we are over the worst of it, but the connections have changed, according how you felt about them.  So many creative and innovative connections are forming that we haven’t considered before and is proving to be very popular and timely.

On one hand the traditional organic way of meeting people was diminished considerably.  Doors were opening to opportunity.  The pandemic opened up a whole new global trend of meeting people, albeit remotely, but now with more access.  The pandemic also changed the romantic scene for those who were seeking romance.  For better or worse, a new way of dating after 50 has also transpired as a result. So here we are.

It’s now a changed world in respect to how we connect, communicate and nurture our relationships.

We were all about meeting people, eventually, in person, but we have to think about how we do things differently now, and hopefully get the same result.

I have recently discovered an organisation which addresses social isolation and loneliness for older adults and making life better as we age.   And it’s Australian! 

It’s not focusing on romance after 50 specifically – but you never know.

With more an emphasis on connections, chats and community all over the world, there is a free membership which still allows you attend virtual public meetups via zoom, and 3 paid options if you want more involvement. 

For more about Andrew Dowling and Stitch, check Stitch out here.

PS: I have no financial benefit or affiliation deals with Stitch. I just thought it was a great resource for you.

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